Single use syringes.

$ 3.95


3 mL BD Luer-Lok disposable syringe with BD Luer-Lok tip. 1/10 mL graduation. Clear barrel with bold scale markings, tapered plunger rod for ease of aspiration, positive plunger rod stop, and BD Luer-Lok thread for increased secure connection. Latex free.

5ml / 5cc Disposable Syrignes. Luer-Lok Tips are compatible with just about every luer counterpart. Bold, precise scale markings to accurately measure fluids. Plastic blister package is tamper evident, for assurance of sterility. Peel-packs provide waste disposal cost savings versus the bulky plastic tub containers of some other syringes.

30ml Luer-Lok Syringes. DNR (Latex) free. Single use sterile. Luer-Lok tip. 30mL Volume.